Millie Hall

Minnesota Vikings surprise lifelong fan with playoff tickets for her 100th birthday

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Millie Hall
Image Credit: Minnesota Vikings / Twitter

Lifelong Minnesota Vikings’ fan Millie Wall turns 100-years-old on the fourth of July. To celebrate her landmark century birthday, Millie will be headed to the Vikings versus New Orleans Saints NFC championship playoff game on January 14, thanks to the Vikings who sprang for two tickets for Millie and her granddaughter, Ashley Hall, to catch the playoff game in person. The surprise birthday present of a lifetime for Millie was captured on Twitter as she read the Vikings’ invite to their upcoming playoff game.

The Vikings’ letter to Millie read: “We would like to invite you, one of the biggest fans, to attend our playoff game on Sunday, Jan. 14. We know you will bring us luck as we enter into this playoff run and hope to bring it home. Thank you for the many years of supporting and cheering on our team, and making us part of your life.”  Millie’s response?  “You’ve gotta be kidding.”

The Vikings shared Millie reading her invite on their NFL website and later tweeted: “You’re never too old to attend your first #Vikings playoff game. We can’t wait for you to help us #BringItHome for your 100th birthday, Millie!”

Yahoo! Sports reported that Millie has been an avid supporter of the Vikings since their first season in 1961. She’s made it to several games since then – but never to a playoff game.  Millie’s hoping that her attendance at the game this Sunday will be good luck for the team.

According to the team’s website, Millie is posted up most Sunday afternoons in her living room, “sipping a screwdriver and watching the game,” complete with a foam brick she throws at the TV and retrieves with a string when things aren’t going the Vikings way. Here’s hoping she brings it Sunday.

Happy 100th Birthday Millie!

Written by:  Richard Webster, Ace News Today

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