bullet-holes-Pinewood Elementary School

Two Washington teens arrested for shooting up elementary school

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bullet-holes-Pinewood Elementary School
Image credit: Marysville Police Department

The Marysville Police in Washington State arrested two young men after the pair went to a New Year’s Eve party and bragged about opening fire on an elementary school late that same evening. On January 4, police arrested 18-year-old Teven Callan of Tulalip and 19-year-old Samuel Olson of Marysville.  Both were charged with first-degree malicious mischief, a felony, according to Fox News.

Police said more than 60 bullets had been shot at the empty elementary school resulting in approximately $55,000 worth of damage on New Year’s Eve. In a statement shared by The Herald, Marysville Police are quoted as saying “They came back to the party shortly after midnight bragging that they had shot up Pinewood Elementary School.”

Although police believe that the shootings were acts of extreme vandalism versus the teens aiming to hurt any one, the potential for bodily harm inside the school was a very real threat.  Marysville Police Commander Mark Thomas told The Herald that with many of the blinds being closed in the building, the teens’ bullets could have easily found a human victim behind the drawn blinds.

“This was upsetting to us, that somebody would act out in such an aggressive manner,” Thomas said. “And for what?”  ~ per 590 Kid News Radio

The school’s library, gym, an office and four classrooms sustained most of the shooting damage. Spent bullet casings were also recovered near the school playground.  One light in the school parking lot had been shot out.

One gun was used by both teens.  Olson informed the police that he had taken the gun from a gun bag belonging to his father and that both young men used that one gun to shoot up the school. Olson also reportedly confessed to police that he and Callan were intoxicated during the time of the shootings.

Fox News reports that both teens had their bails set at 10,000 each by an Everett District Court Judge.

Written by: Richard Webster, Ace News Today


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